Language Pairs

Customizable for higher quality translations.

RWS offers the broadest language coverage for commercially available solutions, with new languages added on a regular basis. The language pairs below are built and tested by linguists and use the latest neural machine translation technology. Language Weaver supports language pair chaining, which expands the possible language combinations to over 3,000 possibilities. 

For commercial customers, we enable the ability to adapt language pairs with customer data within the product itself. We also provide expert services that customize language pairs for customers that understand the domain or style of a particular company or organization. This ensures that the system is appropriate for the company and its communication needs. 

RWS is committed to ongoing innovation and continues to build out its language coverage, while improving on existing translation systems.

To and from English:

Albanian Danish Hebrew Malay Slovakian
Arabic Dari Hindi Maltese Slovenian 
Armenian Dutch Hungarian Norwegian Somali
Bengali Estonian Indonesian Pashto Spanish
Bulgarian Finnish Italian Persian (Farsi) Swahili
Burmese French Japanese Polish  Swedish
Catalan French (Canadian) (from English only) Javanese  Portuguese Thai
Chinese (Simplified) Georgian Khmer Portuguese (Brazilian)  Turkish
Chinese (Traditional) German Korean Romanian Ukrainian
Croatian Greek Latvian Russian Urdu
Czech Hausa Lithuanian Serbian Vietnamese

To and from Japanese:

Chinese (Simplified) English

To and from German:

Arabic (from German only) Dutch  English French Italian
Polish (from German only) Russian (to German only) Spanish

To and from French:

Arabic English Dutch German Italian

To and from Italian:

English French German Spanish

To and from Spanish:

Arabic English German Italian Portuguese (from Spanish only)
Catalan French       

To and from Arabic:

English German (to Arabic only) Persian (Farsi) Spanish Urdu
French Hebrew Russian (to Arabic only) Turkish (to Arabic only)