Change history

Change history is a feature of content management systems that records and tracks modifications to content over time in a content management system. It captures a chronological record of all changes, including additions, deletions, and updates to the content item.

The change history provides an audit trail, including dates, users, and specific modifications, allowing users to review and understand the content's evolution.

Example use cases

  • Track and attribute content modifications, promoting responsibility and transparency
  • Revert to previous versions to recover from accidental deletions or undesired changes
  • Efficiently compare, track, and restore specific content versions
  • Demonstrate compliance with regulations and internal policies through a detailed audit trail
  • Enhance teamwork by providing visibility into content modifications and facilitating effective collaboration
  • Make informed decisions based on insights into the content's evolution and modifications

Key benefits

  • Accountability and transparency
  • Error recovery
  • Version control
  • Compliance and auditing 
  • Collaboration
  • Decision-making