Component Content Management System (CCMS)

A CCMS is a content management system that allows you to manage content as individual components, as opposed to entire documents. A component could be a word, phrase, paragraph, series of paragraphs, image, video, table or any other ‘piece’ or ‘module’ of content. 

A CCMS also tracks information about components – called metadata – so that the system knows the location of components, their relationship to one another, and their uses and status. This makes content much easier to manage and search for. 

In a CCMS, the structure of content is standardized. This simplifies the management of ‘modular’ or ‘componentized’ content, and allows it to be used and reused in multiple different publications.

Example use cases

  • Centralize content storage
  • Enable smart search
  • Link and reuse content
  • Facilitate collaborative, topic-based authoring
  • Publish across multiple channels

Key benefits

  • Reuse content instead of copy and pasting or rewriting
  • Simple version control with a single source of truth 
  • Publish content in multiple places all at once 
  • Improve collaboration and automation 
  • Better information search capabilities 
  • Ease of links and content maintenance 
  • Reduce translation costs 
  • Improve content quality