Generative Artificial Intelligence (Gen AI)

A generative AI is a type of AI that generates new output based on the data it ingests. Generative AI can be used to generate new content like text, images or videos. Content creators can think of generative AI as a tool that can generate content for them from scratch or as a tool that can support them as a co-pilot does – making amendments to and improving the content they have already created.

Even though the generative AI technology is in its early days, efficiency gains are already visible to enterprise leaders, marketing and technical content writers. Writers can use a generative AI co-pilot to check if the data they used in a document is correct, or they can opt for an easier-to-read rephrased version of the same content for example. If generative AI is used for creating content by itself, it is recommended that organizations apply a human-in-the-loop approach, i.e., a human parses every piece of content to make sure the content is accurate since AI models can suffer from what is called hallucination.

Example use cases

• Content suggestions leveraging predefined industry terminology

• Alternative ways of formulating content

• Human-in-the-loop automated content creation for drafting content in your CCMS

• Proof-read medical documentation to ensure all data is accurate

Key benefits

• Faster time to market

• Exponential automation of content creation

• Allow more time for human writers to focus on more high-level tasks like data interpretation