Tags are keywords that can be assigned to data objects in an information set. Information architects and search engine optimization (SEO) experts use them to label and categorize content so that they can easily gather or recall relevant and related information via discovery. 

The act of attaching tags to a data set is known as tagging. The main benefit of tagging is engagement and improved organization of content. 

Tridion enables automated tagging with the help of semantic AI. Tags are suggested to the author based on the content they are working on together with reference taxonomy in use. It reduces the effort spent on manual tagging for large volumes of content in a controlled manner.

Example use cases

  • Ecommerce websites
  • Self-service customer portals
  • Intranets containing high volumes of content
  • Chatbots and voice assistants

Key benefits

  • Increase information findability 
  • Create better-organized content 
  • Increases data intelligence capacity 
  • Improve user experience

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