Structured Content Management

Structured Content Management is an online system to help you create, manage and deliver your digital content more efficiently. 

It allows modular content to be created independently of how the content is delivered (for example as a PDF, a web page or other content delivery method). The modular content is connected in a central system – making it easier to work on, share and reuse. Content modules can be easily updated and any changes made reflected instantly wherever that content appears – ensuring the content remains accurate and consistent no matter where it is used. 

Its core purpose is to avoid duplication of effort, enable the reuse of information and content, and ensure the ever-growing volume of digital content remains manageable. 

Use cases 

  • Create, store and distribute internal policies and procedures 
  • Create and publish technical documentation – such as user manuals and engineering guide books 
  • Manage, maintain and keep consistent customer support information

Key benefits

  • Adapt content to multiple different outputs 
  • Reuse content more efficiently and effectively 
  • Make content more discoverable 
  • Streamline review and approval processes