• Veeva Vault
  • Tridion Docs

This connector enables life sciences organizations using the Veeva Vault document management system to benefit from the advanced authoring and component content management features of Tridion Docs, with the ability to push the resulting documents seamlessly to Veeva Vault for all of its features relating to approval workflows, secure storage and document lifecycle management. 

Key features 

  • When authoring in Tridion, apply the appropriate document metadata for storage in Veeva Vault (in other words, map Tridion metadata fields to Veeva's). 
  • Publish Tridion document outputs to Veeva Vault with the appropriate Veeva Vault classification to trigger the relevant Veeva Vault workflow. 
  • Update documents in Tridion, knowing that when they're republished to Veeva Vault the correct next version will be created there.
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