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Knowledge Manager

Overcome information management obstacles with a composable Knowledge Management Platform

The ability to connect, collaborate, and work together from a ‘single source of truth’ is key to competitive advantage. 

Yet knowledge is often splintered across systems and organizational silos – making it hard to locate and impossible to get a definitive answer to queries. 

Even worse, content is often locked up in documents that cause versioning ambiguities and that are ill-suited to the demands from customers and staff to find information fast.

Knowledge Manager

Through easy integrations, and supported by semantic AI, our composable Knowledge Management Platform (KMP) enables you to link together your various knowledge repositories, and consolidate information management and search for better employee and customer experiences.

It uses componentized content – a paradigm shift from document-centric approaches, which allows your support staff, field service, partners and customers to seek immediate answers to their questions.

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