Find the 'one right answer' with Tridion Docs

In a digital-first world, unstructured content is a drain on resources and damages your customer support – different versions of content are stored haphazardly in multiple places and formats, creating chaos. 

Your customers and staff need content that is organized into reusable components, allowing them to create and manage a ‘single source of truth’. 

No more email attachments. No more unreliable copying and pasting. No more conflicting versions and duplication. Solve your complex content needs and help customers and staff find the one right answer with Tridion Docs.

Tridion - Customer Support

Increase productivity by 44% and reduce content creation costs by 40% with Tridion Docs

Empower employees and customers with the right knowledge 

Make information easy to find and manage across your organization. Find out how you can empower your employees and customers by putting business-critical knowledge at their fingertips.

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Organizations have improved CSATS by 15% by truly enhancing their content search experience

Your guide to search experience optimization 

Content needs to be easily findable and your search function should present users with a list of relevant and manageable results, fast. Avoid drowning in thousands of results or seeing the dreaded ‘No results’ page with Tridion Docs.

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With up to 34% content reuse, Tridion Docs helps you manage multiple editions easily

Baselines – manage multiple editions of your publications 

Content types grow and versions are updated as time goes by. Without careful version control, you could end up with dozens of conflicting documents that confuse your staff and customers. Baselines gives you a centralized view of all versions in Tridion Docs.

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