Introducing a 2nd generation CCMS at KAESER KOMPRESSOREN

Manufacturing and engineering companies in Germany have typically been early adopters of structured content management techniques and have used this to drive improvements in both quality and productivity. KAESER KOMPRESSOREN, a leading brand in the manufacturing sector, has been at the forefront of that movement. 

After 15 years of successfully using a custom CCMS, they decided to switch to a commercial off-the-shelf system (COTS) based on the global DITA standard. 

In this second webinar of our Structured Content series, Hella Tischer, Systems Manager at KAESER KOMPRESSOREN and Karsten Schrempp, CEO of RWS partner PANTOPIX, will share their insights and best practice gained from the deployment of KAESER’s 2nd generation CCMS and the ambitious goals that were set.

Watch this webinar to learn: 

  • What KAESER learned and achieved with their first CCMS 
  • Why keeping the status quo wasn’t an option 
  • The ambitious goals set for the 2nd generation system 
  • Implementation successes and challenges 
  • Future outlook: Industry 4.0 and Knowledge Graphs
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Structured Content Webinar Series (German)

Hella Tischer

Hella Tischer

Systems Manager


Karsten Schrempp

Karsten Schrempp

CEO & Founder


Jörg Schmidt

Jörg Schmidt

Senior Solutions Architect