Introducing "The Neural MT Weekly"!

The field of Machine Translation is moving at as fast a pace as we've ever seen. Month on month, there is an increase in the number of research papers being published, with the majority obviously focusing on Neural MT. As a company at the forefront of this technology, it's critically important that we at Iconic stay up to date. Our world-class team of MT research scientists is constantly reading up on new research in the field, developing prototypes, and testing out things that can improve our engines. We also hold a weekly reading group to discuss (and debate!) articles, and share thoughts amongst the team on the latest papers and publications. As some of this information can be challenging to get through alone, we thought we would share some of this with you! To that end, today we are announcing the launch of "The Neural MT Weekly"! This is new series on our blog whereby each week one of our top MT scientists will be writing a post on some new paper, article, or topic of interest in the area of Neural MT! We are going to keep the posts as accessible and consumable as possible (though there will be a technical slant of course). They will be 5 minute reads, with a practical summary at the end. Issue #1 of The Neural MT Weekly will be out this week with Dr. Rohit Gupta, who will be looking at the latest work on scaling the training of NMT engines. Stay tuned!
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