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AI-powered translation technology with Language Weaver
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Transform multilingual data into actionable insights protected by security and control with Language Weaver, a leader and pioneer of AI-powered human language technology for over 20 years.

Key features and benefits

Proven partner for intelligence organizations
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Flexible and seamless integration 
Secure multilingual content management
Utmost security and privacy of data 
Intelligent adaptability 
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Robust performance

Enterprise-grade, secure neural machine translation

Language Weaver Edge uses state-of-the-art proprietary neural machine translation (NMT) and market-leading adaptability to accelerate government and public sector enablement of content-intensive business processes.


Trusted partner for Intelligence and Law Enforcement

Language Weaver helps government organizations and federal agencies evaluate multilingual data and convert them into actionable intelligence. Combining the securest IT solutions with breakthrough linguistic AI, it can translate 3,000+ language combinations at scale for intelligence and law enforcement.

Powerful integration and partnerships

Language Weaver API and connectors power the seamless integration of advanced neural machine translation into any proprietary systems, tools and workflows. With optimal flexibility and interoperability, intelligence organizations and their partners can deploy secure, real-time instant translation of multilingual content and data for analysis, eDiscovery, forensics and much more.

Security by design for your data

Enjoy ultimate security and control with our on-premises technology which can operate entirely disconnected from the external world. Ensure all data remains protected strictly within your private environment by deploying Language Weaver Edge, available as an on-premises application behind your firewall or private cloud solution.

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Accelerate and adapt to your organization

Instantly translate multilingual content including documents, PDFs, images, HTML and more while preserving original format and context. Whether you need 50,000 or 500,000 words per minute throughput, our platform handles whatever you throw at us. Language Weaver's technology allows you to adapt and train the MT to understand the particular domain or style of your organization.