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Trusted, added-value translation in your document review process

Language Weaver®, RWS’s world-leading proprietary neural machine translation technology, enables better-quality end-to-end translation for eDiscovery, digital forensics and compliance monitoring. We cover all eventualities with support for every language, content type and file format. Regardless of your version of Relativity®, on-premises or in the cloud, Language Weaver integrates to provide translation in a secure, efficient and effective manner.

Trusted & recommended Relativity partner

We have been a Relativity developer partner since 2017 and have constantly been ahead of the game in maintaining and enhancing our connector. We are the first translation provider to support RelOne, Aero UI and Relativity Trace. This is a product, not a checkbox. More than 40% of our users have come to us through recommendations – that speaks for itself.
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More than ‘just’ translation

Translation is at the core of what we do, but the Language Weaver connector supports much more, including:

  • Native translations, retaining the formatting of your documents
  • Workspace-level user controls limiting access on a need-to-have basis
  • Workspace- and instance-level usage management to track costs
  • Control over which jurisdictions your data is processed in

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Proprietary technology

Innovative, state-of-the-art, proprietary architecture based on neural networks and artificial intelligence.
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Automatic language identification

Automatically detect the languages of your data set so you can focus on the review at hand – in your language.
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Native file translation

Native file formats supported in Relativity including Microsoft Office, emails, PDFs and text. The formatting of your original files is retained in the translation.
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Translation customization

Further adapt translations to your legal case, content or industry with custom enhancements, including terminology and glossaries.
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Robust, scalable

Translate large volumes of documents in a fraction of the time.
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Secure, confidential

Our private cloud solutions are secured using certified SSL technology, and our on-premises solutions ensure your data never leaves your network.
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Data protection

Our servers are located in multiple jurisdictions, meaning you can control where your data resides depending on the requirements of your clients.

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