eBRAM’s translation portal harnesses the power of Language Weaver to solve 90% of legal translation needs

MT provides confidentiality and compliance while accelerating speed to insight for international arbitration disputes.
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eBRAM is a Hong Kong non-profit dedicated to facilitating business negotiations and international arbitration. The solicitors, lawyers, and legal students at eBRAM’s clients require secure translation for high volumes of legal documentation. 

Initially, legal staff used convenient and free online translation tools, which provided inaccurate translations and lacked security. With the implementation of Hong Kong’s Arbitration Ordinance (Chapter 609) and its stricter confidentiality regulations, a more secure solution became critical. This is when RWS and Language Weaver Edge came into the picture.


“Even though there are a lot of companies offering translation software in the world, I suggest working with a well-recognized company with a large customer base. There’s a reason RWS is one of the largest companies in the world and as a customer, my experience has been very good.”

Albert Leung, Chief Technology Officer, eBRAM International Online Dispute Resolution Centre


  • New ordinance required compliance with strict confidentiality regulations 
  • Online translation tools were poor quality and not secure 
  • eBRAM’s clients needed fast translation of legal documents 
  • Free online tools offered limited functionality


  • Language Weaver 
  • Language Weaver Edge 
    • Language Weaver Edge powers eBRAM’s online translation portal 
    • Secure on-premises MT solution 
    • Smooth implementation and setup 
    • Managed by eBRAM’s in-house team


  • Secure MT supports confidentiality and compliance 
  • MT solves 90% of translation needs 
  • Faster speed to knowledge and insight for legal clients 
  • Greater accuracy from adaptable MT engines customized for legal content 
  • 15 initial language pairs, adding 20 more to meet demand 
  • Translation portal functionality easier to use 
  • Strong adoption by eBRAM’s clients