Going beyond MT to make better decisions

With new AI-powered capabilities for Language Weaver, discover how RWS is taking MT even further.

Machine translation (MT) is a powerful tool for businesses that want to use multilingual information to inform their decisions. At RWS, we’re taking this even further: building new AI-powered capabilities for Language Weaver that let you go beyond machine translation to make even better decisions from multilingual input.

Through this webinar recording, you'll learn from Melissa Roemmele and Kyle Shaffer, two AI research scientists, about:

  • How we support faster, better decision-making with features such as content insights, quality estimation and entity detection tagging
  • The related benefits of a range of other Language Weaver features, including language detection, optical character recognition, smart file parsing, and automated speech recognition
  • What's coming around the corner, based on current research
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