How to secure your AI advantage

Today’s advancements in AI are changing the nature of what is possible. Nothing encapsulates this better than generative AI which has become the fastest software adoption in history. The explosion in everyone’s appetite for large language models (LLMs) raises serious questions for the translation industry and global organizations that face ever-growing volume, velocity and variety of multilingual content and data. 
In this on-demand webinar we:
  • Demystify LLM in the context of business translation including differences between LLM and Machine Translation (MT).
  • Outline the current state of affairs, opportunities and gaps for leveraging LLM.
  • Define foundational criteria that must be top of mind for global organizations, regardless of MT or LLM – Enterprise-grade security, risk mitigation, and scalability.
  • Consider potential convergence between MT and LLM and implications, including the role of adaptive capabilities.
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