How will ChatGPT impact the translation industry?

It is still relatively early days when it comes to assessing the true impact of ChatGPT, but AI Chatbot technology is progressing at pace. And with the recent release of GPT-4, eyebrows are being raised in the translation industry.
Ask ChatGPT itself and it says it is likely it will have a “significant impact” on the industry and that “it could help to reduce the time and cost of translation services.” Great – but the devil is in the detail! 
Watch this webinar recording to see General Manager, Mihai Vlad and VP of Machine Learning, Bart Maczynski at Language Weaver, delve into the topic. They cover:
  • How state-of-the-art neural machine translation compares to ChatGPT 
  • Translation quality and cost implications
  • What it could mean for translation professionals
  • The impact on data security
  • Practicality – how useful is the deployment method?
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