What’s New in Machine Translation

Are you making the most out of your global content? Go beyond automatic translation and gain valuable content insights with the latest technology for machine translation. 

Join RWS's Jane Hendricks and Arnaud Simon, who will: 

  • Demonstrate how RWS is making machine translation smarter 
  • Share examples of how RWS is breaking language barriers today 
  • Demonstrate the latest additions to our award-winning software: Language Pair Chaining 
    • Adaptable Language Pairs
    • Real-Time Adaptation
    • Automatic Summarization

Learn how the marriage of neural machine translation and Linguistic AI opens up new opportunities to deliver better customer experiences, gain a global analytical perspective, and break internal language barriers. 

Please note that the webinar will be in English.

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Jane Hendricks

Senior Product Marketing Manager


Arnaud Simon

Arnaud Simon

VP, Technical Product Management - AI and Machine Translation

Language Weaver | RWS