Wärtsilä gains up to 40% more time for bids with machine translation

Wärtsilä uses our technology to translate foreign-language customer requirements faster, freeing up more time for analysis.
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Company size :: 18,000 employees (2020)
Company region: Worldwide

Wärtsilä specializes in smart technologies and engineering services for the marine and energy markets. The company typically only has eight weeks to respond to bids – six to analyze thousands of pages of customer requirements, and two to prepare a detailed response. Any foreign-language requirements first have to be translated to English. 

Translations were taking up to two weeks, leaving even less time for analysis. Wärtsilä turned to RWS for a secure enterprise machine translation solution.


“RWS has removed our language barrier and given us time to process and analyze complex information captured in hundreds of technical documents. 

With more time to understand what’s needed, my team can formulate more innovative and competitive responses, delivered efficiently and with high quality.”

Ashish Phadke, General Manager, Solutions Sales Support, Wärtsilä Finland


  • Rapid, automatic translation of language combinations 
  • Batch document processing and format preservation 
  • Support for extensive document formats, including PDFs 
  • Productivity features designed for business users



  • Translation time reduced from 2 weeks to 1 or 2 days 
  • Up to 40% more time freed up 
  • 2× more words processed over 2 years 
  • Peak demand of 6m characters processed with ease 
  • Pre- and post-processing of documents eliminated