Smart MT

Language Weaver provides users a variety of options to use, adapt and improve our Neural Machine Translation engines in a way that suits their business.
Translation is too nuanced for there to be a single solution that suits every type of business. This particularly applies when it comes to the style and quality of machine translation output. Language Weaver provides users with a variety of options to use, adapt and improve our Neural Machine Translation engines in a way that suits their business. It’s not one size fits all…it’s one size fits you.

Language Weaver engines

Our proprietary Neural Machine Translation technology supports more than 3,000 language combinations, offering the coverage that businesses need to address their multilingual needs.

Language Weaver provides general-purpose engines (also known as generic engines) that provide a very strong starting point with Neural Machine Translation. These engines are trained with our patented technology on very large datasets that cover a broad range of industries. 

We support more than 3,000 language combinations directly and through the use of chaining, and the quality suits most commercial requirements for MT. We regularly publish our benchmarking and will be making our latest report available in early 2022.

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Enhancing quality

Sometimes you need a little more from your machine translation. Language Weaver possesses a range of options to adapt the output for your specific requirements and help you go that last mile.

Dictionaries and terminology

Add your custom dictionaries to an engine to help it make better terminology choices for your content. 

  • Light touch approach to customizing an engine
  • Very easy to use interface
  • Has a direct impact on translation quality

Adaptable Language Pairs

If you have your own training data or corpora, you can use it to adapt the Language Weaver engines. With the easy-to-use interface, you can upload the data and train your own version of a Language Weaver engine.

Real-time feedback

To continually improve the quality of your Language Weaver engines, we give the option to provide feedback, rate translations, flag specific errors and suggest alternative translations. This feedback can be applied in real-time to improve even your next translation.

Auto Adaptive MT

Quality can be improved by adding a human in the loop, but what if engines improved continuously, through feedback and retraining, without the need for manual intervention? Auto adaptive MT automatically leverages existing translation memories, datasets and edits to constantly update and improve engines.

Bespoke solutions

Looking for something more? Our expert team of consultants, scientists and linguists are on hand to assess your needs and develop custom solutions for your business using our proprietary technology and long-established design methodologies.

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