Machine Translation

As your trusted partner, we play a highly integrated role in your machine translation program:

  • MT strategy and consulting—We view machine translation as a vital component of your entire localization program. We work with you to identify where and how machine intelligence will make the strongest impact both now and as you grow, including identifying what type of content is viable for machine translation and considering your current and future business needs.
  • MT engine training—We design solutions around your needs and deploy the best-fit engines leveraging state-of-the-art neural machine translation technologies. We train and customize engines for faster turnaround times and the quality level needed to meet your content demands.
  • MT deployment and pilots—To implementing a machine translation solution, we collaborate closely with you to understand your needs, challenges and opportunities as we tailor pilots for potential solutions that are fit for your business.
  • MT post-editing: —We select and onboard post-editors with linguistic and technical experience in your industry to edit the machine’s output to desired level of quality.
  • MT quality process development—we continually evaluate the efficiency of your program to drive continuous improvements.

Why RWS?

  • Workflow integration. Our proprietary language technology platform enables integration with various machine translation technologies, translation management systems, content management systems, and workflow automations.
  • Innovative MT evaluation. Our exclusive metrics can paint a multidimensional picture of machine translation effectiveness, allowing data-driven decision-making.
  • Specialized post-editing resourcing and process. We recruit and train expert post-editors who work closely with technology to bring the raw output up to par.
  • Automated quality tools. Our configurable toolset flags issues at the right time in your workflow, speeds up post-editing and serves your overall quality strategy.
  • Dedicated MT expertise. Our expert technologists evaluate and propose best-fit technologies based on your business, staying connected with the latest research and innovations, ensuring that your program evolves with the industry.

We are RWS

Our Machine Translation experts have the technical know-how and industry expertise to build a custom MT solution that meets the current and future needs of your localization program.

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