Deriving value from information with PANTOPIX

Wali Naderi 07 Feb 2023 5 mins
Deriving value from information with Pantopix

RWS and many of its partners provide tools for businesses to structure the content and work with content to reuse it, package it, and deliver it to consumers. However, the first and most important step is to optimally migrate the content from existing legacy systems to these modern content management tools.

A significant amount of expertise is needed, especially in the case of technical documentation, as many of these sectors are heavily regulated and compliance is of paramount importance. Businesses must walk a thin line between remaining compliant and efficiently serving their technical support staff with relevant information. RWS’s partner PANTOPIX is one of the few specialized companies that bring such specialization in technical documentation. 

On November 23, 2022, RWS convened with its partner PANTOPIX to learn more about PANTOPIX and how it is helping businesses today derive maximum value from their content. Karsten Schrempp, Founder and MD at PANTOPIX with more than 25 years of experience in technical communication, spearheaded the webinar. 

He included some very interesting case studies where PANTOPIX consulted some of the world’s largest companies and migrated them from legacy CMS to modern Tridion CCMS. The goal was to help us more precisely and closely understand the aspects involved in the migration and the results/benefits that customers derived from the solution. 

End-to-end technical publication transformation services 

PANTOPIX brings several years of expertise in the field of technical documentation. It works with its customers across the entire digital transformation cycle and hence shoulders complete ownership/accountability. This extremely valuable approach and its deep expertise in technical communication make it an ideal and valuable RWS partner and one of the most sought-after service providers for RWS Tridion customers. 

PANTOPIX works with businesses from the project idea stage, analysis of existing processes, development of new concepts and data models to the introduction and integration of systems and their smooth operation. 

Thus, PANTOPIX’s services can be broadly classified into: 

  • Consulting 
  • Implementation 
  • Operation 

PANTOPIX tailors each and every aspect of the project as per its customers’ needs and its team continues to work until it has ensured that the implementation is working precisely as the customer had envisioned. Its diverse and comprehensive range of skills positions it to cater to its customers’ specific yet diverse needs: 

PANTOPIX’s skillset

Intelligent content structure delivers optimum value for users 

Working with Tridion and its partners, such as Fluid Topics and Semantic Web Company, PANTOPIX has acquired specialized skills and experience in cutting-edge, most sort after-technology tools available for technical documentation today: 

Semantic technology, new systems and tools 
✓ Specializes in data modeling, knowledge graphs, content delivery, and publication processes 
✓ Transformation publication processes, cloud solutions for services migration metadata for automating 
✓ Several customers in German-speaking countries of DACH (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) and English-speaking Scandinavia 
✓ Expertise in machinery and plant engineering, automotive, and pharmaceuticals sectors 

Also, PANTOPIX understands and has experience in working with several key aspects of the transformation: 

✓ Handling several different types of technical documents which have to define precisely what is in the device/machine 

✓ Connecting technical content to ERP system and technical authoring system 

✓ Using metadata to send the data to the user/publishing platform 

✓ Importing metadata into content management system 

✓ Creating final documentation 

This experience uniquely positions PANTOPIX to help businesses reap the maximum benefit from modular content management and delivery systems. 

Case studies/lighthouse projects 

Karsten highlighted three different case studies which involved migrating its clients’ content/data from legacy systems to a CCMS system. In general, Karsten mentioned that the clients (including users) have been highly satisfied with the transformation. 

A farming machinery and solutions company

This company faced severe content challenges as it struggled to quickly serve its users with the exact information they were looking for. It hired PANTOPIX, which: 

✓ Migrated the company’s data from outdated legacy CCMS COSIMA (DOCUFY) to RWS Tridion Docs, FluidTopics, and agroparts 

✓ Introduced the concept of DITA and its applications 

As we spoke then, Karsten mentioned that the migration was underway into Tridion Docs. The job involves transforming the company’s 40,000 technical documents in 28 languages that had to be published in Fluid Topics so that users can find different versions and variants (e.g., different languages) quickly and easily.

The project involves the introduction of a complete spare part catalog system. The job involves adding and processing the parts data in a standard format so the system understands the requirement and automatically fetches the numbers. 

Compressed air and vacuum products manufacturer 

In this case, PANTOPIX has been involved in the migration from outdated CCMS SAP knowledge warehouse to Tridion Docs. The migration is still underway; however users are able to import data from legacy system through the transformation pipe into Tridion Docs and continue to work without any disruption. 

A microscopes manufacturer 

Before PANTOPIX came into the picture, the microscopes manufacturer struggled with a big library and field technical persons faced severe difficulty finding the relevant data. Most of the time, field service personnel instantaneously needed an answer for a specific question. E.g., how can I calibrate a laser beam? Or how do I calibrate a light microscope? But was struggling to find precise answers. 

PANTOPIX introduced “Mira”, a self-service portal and spare part catalog based on common metadata from field service personnel. PoolParty (Semantic Web Company) serves as the middleware.

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