Transform employee productivity and job satisfaction with next-gen voice assistance solution ‘ybot’

Wali Naderi 07 Jun 2023 5 mins

Recently Tridion and its partner ybot convened to discuss how employee productivity and job satisfaction will go to the next level. This will be powered by a combined solution involving ybot’s voice AI and RWS’s component content management system (CCMS).

ybot co-founder and CEO Tomer Garzberg led the session. ybot was founded to direct employee issues to its voice AI technology that provides near-instantaneous resolution. Apart from delighting employees, it also helps businesses save on employee support costs.

What is ybot?

To help the audience relate to the technology, Tomer Garzberg named Siri and Alexa’s voice commands that simplify consumers' tasks. Consumers can simply ask for the information they want and these voice assistants provide it.

ybot is similar to voice assistants but works for employees instead of consumers and goes beyond finding information to performing specific tasks.

For example, employees can simply command ybot to:

  • Ask for leave
  • Order certain items from the vendor, e.g., a box of gloves

And ybot gets it done!

Essentially, ybot bridges the gap between voice AI and robotic process automation (RPA) to perform such tasks. By the way, 80% of the global workforce, or 2.7 billion employees, work on-field or without a desk!

With ybot, all of these on-field or deskless employees, as Tomer prefers to address them, can perform their field job without tying their eyes and hands onto a device.

ybot is sector agnostic

ybot can work with every industry where voice assist can immensely help deskless employees. Tomer mentioned a couple of use cases where ybot is being deployed:

Use case 1: Solving basic IT support problems almost instantly

In the ITaaS sector, ybot is working with a multinational Telecom network provider company to provide level 1 IT support to its employees. It relieves the employees from the long process of raising a ticket or calling IT support and then waiting in queue to resolve the basic issue. It saves a significant amount of time and effort and almost instantaneously resolves the employee’s problem.

As an example, Tomer shared a couple of issues where ybot assists:

  • Fix the slow speed issue faced by employees by terminating processes that are not adding much value but are consuming significant computing power
  • Restore file/s that employees accidentally delete
  • Identify issues with applications that are not working and fix it

Use case 2: Supporting logistics and trucking employees on the field

Tomer mentioned that ybot can support diverse logistics and trucking needs by using several different platforms to perform their tasks. Improving the safety and efficiency of the employees is one of the key areas to increase job satisfaction and reduce employee turnover.

Tomer mentioned certain tasks that ybot could do for the employees:

  • Connect to a cellular network
  • Tell employees about delivery notes: number of deliveries, staff, time expected, and total distance to travel
  • Send a message to a recipient to reschedule delivery in case no one is present at the destination at the time of delivery

Range of possibilities with RWS’s CCMS and ybot

RWS and ybot teams discussed some of the other applications of their combined solution in industries such as manufacturing and oil & gas. From RWS, Elsa Sklavounou, VP of AI Alliances, led the discussion with Tomer.

Concerning manufacturing, it was agreed that a solution could be tailored to provide support for employees concerning the maintenance of machinery/equipment. When ybot is provided access to the content, it can support employees concerning several aspects, such as the machine’s history, spare parts, and operational status.

ybot can even consider when machine parts are nearing the end of life and arrange a replacement. It can notify employees of the upcoming warranty expiry and suggest a list of vendors to source replacement parts.

Tomer mentioned that ybot is being deployed with one of its clients in the oil and gas industry. ybot helps the employees to fetch precise safety procedures when queried, which helps them remain compliant and avoid hefty penalties or fines.

Another possibility discussed was to empower field employees to provide feedback while performing their job. As field employees perform the job, their hands and eyes are tied to the task. With ybot, they can speak and provide feedback; this will help them provide detailed feedback as they perform the task. It will also save them the significant time they would otherwise spend providing written feedback after completing the job.

Tomer and Elsa agreed that given ybot’s ability to connect to platforms using APIs; it can help field personnel with just about any process if the content is “structured”. This is where RWS’s Tridion component content management system (CCMS) perfectly complements ybot and expands the possibilities to various applications.

Quick to set-up

Tomer recommends connecting ybot to only a select set of platforms that can simplify the work considerably. ybot can quickly integrate with such platforms, typically under two weeks; however, testing needs more time. ybot uses deterministic logic to train ybot and delivers highly accurate results when queried.

ybot develops custom commands or uses standard commands on a need basis and tests them several times to ensure that they are accurate and valuable for the employees. As Tomer calls it, they ‘stitch the commands to the actions’.

Stay tuned as RWS’s Tridion CCMS and ybot work together to expand and disrupt voice AI technology to optimize employee tasks across many industries.

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Wali Naderi

Wali Naderi

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