Access rights

Access rights refer to the permissions granted to a user of a document creation software system or other software system type. Depending on their role: a writer, a reviewer, a subject matter expert (SME), a document owner, an external collaborator, or other – the team member can edit, comment, revise, approve, publish, or delete parts of a document of the entire document. In a structured content authoring tool, access rights allow users to make changes at a content component level. 

With access rights for a structured content authoring tool, an organization can ensure strict rules for who changes what content and when. This feature allows organizations to create compliant document creation and management processes for products and services in highly regulated industries.

Example use cases

  • Technical documentation
  • Sensitive data access
  • Compliant document creation and management processes
  • Highly regulated industries

Key benefits

  • Achieve a 100% clear audit trail 
  • Enable document and content traceability 
  • Protect documents and content from errors resulting from unwanted or anonymous edits 
  • Add an extra security layer to your documents and content