Document version control

Document version control is a process that allows organizations to track every version of the documents they produce. With a thorough process implementation, companies can know precisely what information the reports, user manuals, labels, websites, videos, or other types of assets contain. 

Version management can prove even more helpful for organizations when documents are content-centric – meaning they have been authored using structured content. This type of authoring, as opposed to simple document authoring, allows the document owner to know what content component has been integrated into a particular document version, when it was added, and who integrated it. Such a thorough component-based authoring and versioning process allows complete traceability for created documents and shortens audit preparation times. Document owners can avoid version clashes and can observe how documents have evolved over time. Version control in Tridion Docs is known as Baselining.

Example use cases

  • Regulatory compliance technical documentation
  • Medical devices labels
  • Department-specific company reports
  • Omnichannel publishing Versions of user manuals

Key benefits

  • Gain clear understanding of what document was created when and by whom 
  • Know with a 100% certainty which is the latest document version 
  • Produce 100% traceable content and documents 
  • Be audit-ready at any moment and dramatically reduce costs associated with audit preparation