Digital Experience Platform

A Digital Experience Platform (DXP) is a set of technologies that allows businesses to manage the digital experience – mostly for customers, but it can also be used for partners, affiliates and employees. 

The digital experience (DX) is primarily driven by content, so with most DXPs a Web Content Management System forms the foundation of the platform. This is then enhanced with additional capabilities such as ecommerce, campaign management, marketing automation, analytics, a customer data platform (CDP) and other technologies in an all-encompassing platform that can manage the end-to-end customer journey. 

Alternatively, you can construct a Composable DXP, where not all the DXP pieces are sourced from a single vendor, but are instead connected through integrations. This allows organizations to keep large portions of their existing DXP stack and just swap out the pieces that need replacing.

Example use cases

  • Manage the delivery of content and cross-channel experience of your customers
  • Collect real-time data from your customers
  • Gather intelligence on your customers’ digital journeys

Key benefits

  • More holistic approach towards managing the digital experience – ensuring smoother transitions between digital touchpoints 
  • Helps reduce the number of vendors you need to work with 
  • Reduces (but doesn’t entirely eliminate) the need for bespoke integrations with third-party technologies through pre-integrated tools and feature sets