First Time Fix Rate (FTFR)

First Time Fix Rate is a KPI measurement used in field services to indicate the rate at which technicians can address and fix a maintenance or repair problem first time, without the need for additional expertise or information. 

How does content management affect FTFR? 

When field technicians are unable to access the information they need to complete their work, first time fix rate suffers. This has a direct impact on customer satisfaction, as well as costs, because service technicians are spending more time searching for the knowledge they need to perform the tasks instead of actually performing the task. 

Proper content management enables quick and easy access to vital knowledge and technical content, bringing first time fix rates up, improving customer satisfaction and lowering costs.

Key benefits

  • Makes knowledge easily accessible to field service professionals 
  • Improves productivity 
  • Increases consistency and relevance to technical documentation 
  • Enables technicians to resolve issues first time, improving customer satisfaction

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