Informatica improves translation efficiency

Intelligent content management solution helps Informatica transition from a traditional writing methodology to a faster, more efficient process.
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Industry:: High-Tech Software
Working in the field of data integration technology, Informatica produces massive volumes of complex data for its clients.
However, their outdated book-based documentation and localization processes had become cumbersome and frustrating, slowing down their time to market.

“The biggest benefit to date of using DITA and Tridion Docs is a total elimination of desktop publishing costs. As a result, we have literally wiped out $40,000 to $50,000 per project every time we publish.”

Martin Levy, Director of R&D Globalization, Informatica


  • Respond to global markets faster 
  • Shorten time to market of complex product information 
  • Meet demands of shorter development cycles 
  • Re-purpose content in different languages



  • Faster time to market with enterprise-wide consistency 
  • Improved reuse of content across multiple product lines 
  • Reduced global translation costs 
  • Achieved SimShip of product documentation in multiple languages 
  • Improved quality and consistency of translation management in a multilingual environment