California Casualty transform their digital workplace

California Casualty dramatically improve employee productivity thanks to an efficient and effective document management solution with Tridion Docs
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Industry:: Financial Services

California Casualty provide individuals with auto and property insurance through affinity groups, in particular in the education, law enforcement, firefighting and nursing sectors. 

The company had expanded rapidly – from doing business in 13 US states to 44 states – and the number of documents they had to manage grew significantly. They introduced a document management system, but after using it for a decade, their knowledge management team of three was struggling with the management of 35,000 documents. 

As a result, staff were struggling to find the information they needed, with 90% spending anything from 30 minutes up to an hour or more searching for information every day. Many would give up and call the help desk instead.


“Adopting Tridion Docs helped me and my team greatly reduce the number of documents we curate and ensured that we could maintain consistency across all our content. It saves our staff a huge amount of time – helping them provide high-quality customer service and do their jobs more efficiently.”

Susan Lalor, Knowledge Management Team Manager, California Casualty


  • Make it easier and quicker for staff to find information 
  • Reduce document overload and increase staff trust in accuracy of information 
  • Apply changes consistently across vast numbers of documents and remove discrepancies between materials



  • Reduced 35,000 documents down to 6,500 – a reduction of 81% 
  • Established a ‘single source of truth’ that staff could trust and rely on to be up to date wherever it appeared 
  • Improved the quality of navigation by 57% – so users could navigate directly to the content instead of searching for it 
  • Increased employee productivity by freeing up time previously spent searching for content – information findability improved by 75%