Xiaomi saves 2,000 work days with tech-enabled content management

In 2021 Xiaomi became the world's second largest smartphone company for global smartphone shipments. Less than 10 years earlier it was selling one phone in one market. When you grow from 0 to 100+ international markets in five or six years, and expand from one smartphone to hundreds of diverse product lines, you soon realize how hard it can be to support your products and markets with accurate, clear product content. 

Learn how RWS has helped Xiaomi to transform content management in its originating languages of Simplified Chinese and English, along with localization into more than 70 languages. The results have included: 

  • 70% faster localization of product webpages, saving 2,000 work days 
  • 75% reduction in time to publish PDFs to multiple country websites 
  • Significant improvements in translation consistency and quality 
  • Time freed to focus on the growing localization needs of a fast-expanding business 

Read the case study for the full story.