Nielsen adopts a holistic approach to the global customer experience

Nielsen improves time and cost efficiencies year on year with our technology
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Global performance management company Nielsen provides clients with comprehensive insights into what consumers watch and buy. More than a decade ago, when the company was looking for a dynamic business partner, to help meet its ambitious global customer experience objectives, it turned to us – and that partnership is still going strong. 

Nielsen relies on our solutions to help deliver an effective globalization strategy that keeps clients around the world coming back.


“For us, the true value of the RWS partnership comes down to central control, cost management and content effectiveness. The use of RWS technology has played a critical role in centrally managed content and this has generated huge benefits in terms of cost and time savings.”

Bruno Herrmann, Director of Globalization, Nielsen


Improve the global customer experience by: 

  • Streamlining the translation processes for Nielsen’s digital content 
  • Automating workflows 
  • Centrally managing the localization of user interfaces, documentation and e-learning content



  • Project throughput up 750% in five years 
  • Projects delivered on time or ahead of schedule 
  • 40-100% time savings – allowing staff to redirect efforts 
  • Improvement in content quality and consistency 
  • 20-80% content reuse through translation memory and structured content design