Philips streamlines documentation processes and saves translation costs

Philips translates more content with existing staff using Tridion Docs and translation management software.
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Industry:: Life Sciences
Company size :: 71,000 employees
Company region: Worldwide

Philips is a leading health technology company focused on improving people’s health. Their Image Guided Therapy (IGT) business unit produces image guided therapy platforms to enable clinicians to perform a wide range of routine and complex cardiovascular procedures. 

The IGT business unit needed to translate more and more product documentation without increasing headcount. They turned to RWS to help them leverage technology and maximize automation of their content management workflow.


“With Tridion Docs in place, we can look to the future, to re-using content for educational purposes.”

Stef Mestrom, Project Manager, Image Guided Therapy, Philips


  • Increase translation capacity without additional staff 
  • Establish direct connection between content management system and translation management system (TMS)



  • Ability to create and translate instructions for use through an automated content management workflow 
  • Integration of Tridion Docs with TMS 
  • Ability to translate into 35+ languages 
  • Ability to quickly make changes via direct access to tools 
  • Same number of tech writers and translation managers retained