United Imaging Healthcare eliminates duplication of effort with Tridion Docs

United Imaging Healthcare adopts structured content, improving efficiency and content consistency.
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Industry:: Life Sciences
United Imaging Healthcare develops and produces a broad portfolio of advanced medical imaging products, for which it provides manuals in multiple languages. 
The company was relying on manual document management processes and an unstructured content model – writing and storing its content in files that didn’t follow a predefined data model. This led to time and resources being wasted recreating content and resubmitting translations.
United Imaging Healthcare decided to move to structured content to eliminate duplication of effort – and they chose Tridion Docs.

“In bringing our products to a global market, we faced the challenge of developing high quality technical documents. RWS has a mature set of content management solutions, and has a localized deployment and technical support team.”

Guan Lei, Technical Communication Center, United Imaging Healthcare


  • Duplicated efforts in writing, reviewing and maintaining content 
  • Inconsistent content descriptions 
  • Resubmission of translations 
  • High overhead costs due to writing inefficiency



  • Greater process efficiency 
  • Content consistency through modular content creation 
  • Integrated translation management and reduced translation costs 
  • Multichannel publishing