HORIBA Medical scales its documentation processes

HORIBA Medical maximizes content reuse and cuts translation costs in half with Tridion Docs.
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Industry:: Life Sciences
Company size :: 4,900 employees
Company region: Worldwide
HORIBA Medical, a French subsidiary of the HORIBA Group, designs, develops and distributes in vitro diagnostic systems for biological analysis in medical laboratories. 
Sales have more than tripled since 1996, causing an explosion of new work and expectations for HORIBA Medical’s small documentation team. With limited staff and unsuitable desktop authoring and publishing tools, the team was struggling to keep up with the company’s rapid growth. 
They turned to Tridion Docs for a scalable, multilingual solution.

“We found that [Tridion Docs] was architected to handle high volumes of content in multiple languages and in parallel releases, which was precisely our business challenge.”

Paul Coinaud, Documentation Architect, HORIBA Medical


  • Rapid increase in content production requirements
  • Only 7 writers supporting 13,500+ documents in 15 languages
  • No easy method to share or reuse content
  • No means of preventing duplication of effort in content review
  • Outdated technologies
  • High desktop publishing (DTP) costs for translation



  • Scalable documentation process implemented
  • Structured content adopted for ease of updating and sharing
  • Content reuse maximized 
  • More frequent updates and localization at lower cost
  • Duplication of review processes eliminated
  • Translation spend reduced by 50% by eliminating localization DTP costs 
  • 4,500 objects in the source language generated in 2 years