Case Study

Waters Corporation saves time and cost with up to 60% content reuse

Waters streamlines publication processes with Tridion Docs, ensuring consistency and compliance in a highly regulated industry.
Waters Corporation saves time and cost with up to 60% content reuse
Waters is a leading developer of analytical instruments and software for improving human health and well-being. Thousands of scientists around the world rely on their products and services, making it essential that their technical documentation is accurate, reliable and compliant with stringent regulations.
But with multiple different authoring tools, content management processes and workflows, delivering high-quality, timely publications was challenging – so Waters Corporation turned to Tridion Docs for a more efficient solution.

Company size :

5,700 employees (2019)

Company region

Alliance Data Case Study - RWS
“RWS helped us understand the paradigm shift required to move to this new environment. We particularly appreciated that they were committed to helping us configure the system to meet our needs rather than forcing us to adopt a particular, predefined method of use.”
Joshua Steen, Principal Technical Writer and Tools Specialist, Waters Corporation


  • Shorten time to market
  • Facilitate consistency and ensure regulatory compliance
  • Replace outdated publishing technologies 
  • Reuse content more efficiently and in different languages



  • Increased business agility and time to market 
  • Reuse of up to 60% of source content
  • Streamlined manual processes and increased visibility 
  • More transparent review processes 
  • Expedited translation 
  • Reduced layout and publication expenses