Tridion for digital workspaces

With Tridion you can establish an AI-ready digital workspace that helps employees and partners access the information they need. 

It unites people, knowledge and content – no matter where stakeholders are or how they work – and provides them with reliable, actionable information while unifying collaboration.

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Transforming the digital workspace with a next-generation intranet

California Casualty
“It saves our staff a huge amount of time—helping them provide high-quality customer service and do their jobs more efficiently.”
Susan Lalor
“The use of Tridion technology has played a critical role in centrally managed content and has generated huge benefits in terms of cost and time savings, which ranges from 40-100%.”
Bruno Herrmann

$5.7 million is spent annually searching for but not finding information.*

70% of employees can't find the information they need to be effective. Where legacy document-based systems once served companies, the data deluge is making it impossible to keep up with content. The average worker wastes 10 hours a week looking for information they can't find, costing you millions in wasted time, due to fragmented information and your digital workspace could be to blame. 

*IDC Technology Spotlight, sponsored by SDL/RWS, The Future of Knowledge Management: Agile, Governed and AI-ready Componentized Content Services, May 2019.

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Tridion for digital workspace results

Drive productivity, engage workforce, and achieve breakthrough business results.
Bar chart increase
44% increase in productivity.
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75% improved content findability.
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81% reduction in content managed.
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32% improved content reuse.
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20% reduction in support calls.

The AI-ready digital workspace

Create knowledge for AI readiness with a next-generation digital workspace to address modern workplace challenges. Our standout technology helps you semantically tag your content for deep linking, contextual searching, and accurate reuse in multiple forms, languages, and channels. 

Now you can achieve AI benefits by augmenting experiences built from multiple components and perspectives to create insights, improve communications, and personalize each interaction.

Key capabilities

Single source of truth

Aggregate knowledge from different sources and build a centralized point of access, where your extended workforce can always find the definitive information. 

Utilize curated, approved, and easy to discover information that forms the driving force behind an effective and engaged workforce.

Cog content

Unified collaboration

Draft information, collaborate, and review in a unified manner to eliminate cumbersome PDF annotations and email chains. 

Overcome document chaos and work collaboratively on structured, modular content in an MS Word like environment. Reuse what’s already there, and annotate, comment, and update information while ensuring ongoing compliance.

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Adaptive delivery

Drive employee engagement with personalized consumer-style experiences with dynamically assembled information, on any channel, device or app without reformatting efforts. 

Provide the latest information on-demand and simultaneously across geographies. Use human or automated neural machine translation to make sure information is always presented in desired languages.

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Multilingual search

Discover information in any language and gain quick access to latest version of your policies, procedures, publications, news articles, and more. 

Improve information findability with AI-powered search and eliminate time wasted by employees looking for definitive information.

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Ecosystem connectivity

Connect to other business systems and apps that jointly form the enterprise ecosystem and enable your workforce to effectively perform their job. 

Reinvent the way employees work with information by overriding departmental silos. Introduce new and easy ways to collaborate in a common environment through the intelligent management and delivery of business critical information.

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