Feedback editor

Unleash the real power of your users through Language Weaver’s
feedback editor. Empower users, leverage first-hand expertise,
and take adaptive MT 
to the next level within our secure environment.  
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Key benefits

Our unique feedback editor functionality enables:
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Simplified workflows
Empowered users
Secure multilingual content management
Security and data privacy
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Continuous, automatic enhancement
Enterprise-wide synergy

Real-time user feedback

The feedback editor functionality allows users to easily provide real-time, direct feedback to our MT output by suggesting better translations. Users can edit MT output for entire documents or individual segments at a time, directly and natively within our secure environment.  

Instantly capturing all user provided improvements through a built-in, automatic feedback loop mechanism, the resulting translation enhancements are available to all users immediately. 

Powerful synergy of adaptive MT

User feedback is a core component in Language Weaver’s AI-powered technology to continuously improve translation performance.

Why not take the power of MT to the next level? Use feedback editor features together with our auto-adaptive capabilities to maximize the power of all your assets – such as direct user feedback, dictionaries, and translation memories. All your cumulative translation experience and knowledge is fully leveraged to automatically train the models, resulting in ever more specific and optimized translations, individually tailored to your business, domain area and use case.

Unleash the power of your users

Enjoy these advanced features:

Real-time feedback

Users can directly provide real-time feedback to MT output by suggesting better translations via simple and intuitive UI.
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Users can review, edit and download MT output at document-level with easy and convenient access.
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Built-in workflows

Built-in, automatic feedback and approval loop captures user provided improvements systematically within seamless and streamlined workflows.
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Improved translations are made available to entire user base so that everyone in the organization can benefit immediately.
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Ongoing and cumulative feedback from all users facilitates automatic and continuous enhancement of underlying MT models to fine tune translations.
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If you are an existing Language Weaver customer you can find detailed information on our Community. 

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