Language Weaver: The last mile

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Language Weaver - RWS

Smart MT for your business needs

In this webinar our Machine Learning experts Bart, Arnaud and Victoria will discuss how Language Weaver provides users with a variety of options to use, adapt and improve our Neural Machine Translation engines. Among other things you’ll learn how our features such as Dictionaries and Terminology, Adaptable Language Pairs, Real-time Feedback, Auto Adaptive MT and Bespoke Solutions, help you to create the MT that is best suited for your business.

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Going beyond MT to make better decisions

In this webinar Melissa and Kyle, our experts in AI, will discuss how our features such as Content Insights, Quality Estimation and Entity Detection Tagging, can help users to make better decisions faster. They’ll also discuss some of the many other ways in which our features work for you, including Language Detection, Optical Character Recognition, Smart File Parsing and Automated Speech Recognition. Want to know what’s coming around the corner? They’ll also discuss what research is in the pipeline to help you to go beyond MT.

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Human in the Loop

Join experts Heather and Adam as they discuss how bringing a human into the loop doesn’t mean the automated solution is inadequate, but instead provides an additional step for improving, enhancing, and doing more. They’ll explore the features that allow you to easily incorporate a human in the loop for your translation projects. They’ll also discuss how our Linguistic AI Solutions team can help you to navigate which solutions might work best for you, including other RWS products such as Trados and Tridion.

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