Human in the loop

At Language Weaver, enabling our customers to go the last mile with our cutting-edge technology means many things, from enhancing quality with our Smart MT features, to going Beyond MT with artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. Sometimes, though, it means going that little bit further and leveraging the expertise of people, and bringing a human in the loop.

In MT, and AI more broadly, the term ‘human in the loop’ has many meanings, but it is often mistakenly used in the context of having a fallback option in case an automated solution is inadequate. However, when we say human in the loop, far from falling back, we mean improving, enhancing, and doing more. 

At Language Weaver, ‘human in the loop’ means leveraging the expertise of our team, the expertise of your team, and the scale and reach of RWS, the world’s largest language and technology service provider, to help you do more.

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Words and actions!

In Smart MT, we enable your teams to enhance our MT through real-time feedback and terminology management. With our human in the loop technology and services we go one step further.
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On-demand professional review

Once you’ve machine translated a document with Language Weaver, you may have determined that it is important and that it needs further refinement. You may even have determined this using our content insights or quality estimation features

You can easily request a professional review of the translation, directly from within Language Weaver, at the click of a button. Depending on your setup, it will be reviewed by either an RWS linguist, or your in-house team.

On-demand professional review
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