Regulated Industries

Solve multilingual content challenges and protect your data with security by design

AI-powered machine translation built for global organizations in legal, financial, life sciences and other regulated industries. 

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Key benefits

Language Weaver’s AI-powered machine translation helps enterprises operating in regulated industries to ensure compliance, increase efficiency and enable growth
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Flexible and seamless integration 
Secure multilingual content management
Utmost security and privacy of data 
Intelligent adaptability 
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Robust performance
Proven partner for enterprises and government organizations

Transform multilingual data into insights

Language Weaver enables you to translate vast amounts of multilingual data instantly, at scale with the utmost security. Whether you need real-time translation for regulatory compliance, eDiscovery, digital forensics, analytics or any other business critical outcomes, our advanced solutions help you accelerate insights from multilingual content. Through the secure online portal or seamless integrations with best-in-class industry platforms, you can access instant translation across 3,000+ language combinations at your fingertips. 
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Enjoy state-of-the-art MT

Increase translation capacity

Language Weaver offers scalability that will flex and grow with an organization and a translation performance of up to 100,000s of words per minute across 3,000+ language combinations. Thanks to automatic language identification, users simply upload any text-based content individually, bulked, or even zipped, and Language Weaver takes care of the rest.

Protect your data with security by design

Protect your data anytime anywhere with secure-by-design architecture, features and policies. Available in the cloud, on-premises, or in our unique hybrid Edge-Cloud combination deployment models.

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Maximum connectivity with seamless integrations

Language Weaver can be integrated into your environment easily. Supported via API and plug-ins, teams can access Language Weaver through the secure portal, pre-built connectors, or as a fully integrated part of existing internal systems and workflows, allowing users to translate multilingual data, in real-time, for actionable insights.
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In your own language

Our intelligent adaptation allows end users to provide real-time suggestions for better translations, facilitating continuous performance enhancement of MT output. The models can be further adapted to your specific content, industry domain or organizational style for optimally tailored translation output.

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