Custom Irish language machine translation solution for Irish government

Our machine translation (MT) scientists and engineers work with a renowned MT R&D group at Dublin City University to develop a scalable solution for English-Irish translation
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When Irish became an official language of the European Union, the government department responsible for the Gaeltacht was tasked with ensuring that all official documents were available in both Irish and English in Ireland. Co-decisions, regulations, parliamentary and other information had to be available in both languages. Given the limited number of English-Irish translators in the market, the department was keen to explore the possibilities of using MT with post-editing. 

The department turned to our team of MT scientists and engineers with the complex task of developing a commercial system for Irish MT.


“Our experience of working with the RWS team has been hugely positive. The team achieved unforeseen efficiencies in the Department’s Irish language translation workflows.”

Dr Aodhán Mac Cormaic, Assistant Principal, Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht


  • Produce professional translations with high-quality MT and post-editing 
  • Integrate MT into workflows and across platforms


  • Rollout of a cloud-based commercial system for Irish MT 
  • Secure integration of the system with existing translation tools 
  • Over 50% boost in productivity for translators and post-editors