BluePrinting is a unique and foundational technology in Tridion Sites that lets you simplify content reuse and speed up the rollout of new brands and websites across multiple platforms, in multiple languages.

BluePrinting works off the concepts of content inheritance and componentization. ‘Parent’ publications can pass down content, layout, applications or workflow as individual components to several ‘Child’ publications. This allows multiple websites to be built to a specification using centrally maintained parts, meaning updates to the ‘Parent’ publication will synchronize across all ‘Child’ publications.

Example use cases

  • Map your organization’s information architecture into a content hierarchy
  • Synchronize web elements across channels
  • Facilitate efficient content management and distribution at scale
  • Manage content localization for different regions or languages
  • Standardize workflows and governance policies for content creation, review, and approval

Key benefits

  • Centralize control and reuse content
  • Ensure brand and message consistency
  • Reach worldwide markets
  • Ensure consistent governance and compliance

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