COPE is an acronym that stands for Create Once, Publish Everywhere and it refers to the ability of Structured Content Management platforms that allows content teams to create granular content only one time and then reuse it any output needed. COPE can be seen as the definition of structured content itself, as it describes the core ability that makes structured content valuable for organizations that manage high volumes of content. 

With COPE organizations can eliminate silos when it comes to creating content. There will no longer be a need for having separate teams to create content for different channels – the internal knowledge base, user manuals, explanatory videos, blogs, social media. Content can be created only once and can be reused in all types of content outputs created by organizations.

Example use cases

  • Manage field service knowledge effectively
  • Enable AR solutions (augmented solutions) and VR solutions (virtual solutions) augmented reality solutions (AR)/virtual reality solutions (VR) for field technicians
  • Create consistent technical documentation
  • Deliver personalized experiences for clients

Key benefits

  • Increase productivity for content teams
  • Eliminate content duplication
  • Publish faster
  • Use a single content hub