Intralox reduces desktop publishing costs by 99% and translation costs by 79%

Producing content more efficiently, cost effectively and at scale
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Intralox case study - RWS
Industry:: Manufacturing

Intralox is the global conveyance solutions leader, specializing in modular plastic conveyor belts and related services and equipment. The Technical Communications Group creates and maintains internal and customer-facing product documentation, such as product literature, design guidelines, manuals, policies and procedures. 

With the company slogan ‘Reliably Inventive’, it’s no surprise that Intralox is constantly looking for ways to do things better. That’s why in 2018, the company decided to evaluate their content strategy and change the way they produce, maintain and distribute their technical documentation.


“Moving to DITA and implementing Tridion has allowed us to harness and gain more control. It’s provided us with new ways to think about content—how we use it, who creates it, how we share it. It’s given us more flexibility and opportunities we didn’t have before.”

Jonathan Chandler, Technical Communications Group Supervisor, Intralox


  • Scaling as the business continues to grow 
  • Keeping documentation updated with frequent changes 
  • Rising desktop publishing and translation costs 
  • Version control and siloed tech docs production processes 
  • No way to effectively enable or manage content reuse



  • 99% reduction in annual desktop publishing costs 
  • 79% translation cost savings 
  • 3x higher productivity than non-Tridion users 
  • Consolidated content management into single source of truth 
  • Removed IT overhead for redundant systems