Atlas Copco uses Tridion Docs to deliver on-demand technical documentation globally

Tridion Docs transformed Atlas Copco’s management of technical information – significantly reducing costs and increasing efficiency.
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Atlas Copco Case Study
Company size :: Nearly 45,000 employees
Company region: Worldwide

Atlas Copco’s Compressor Technique Business Unit faced many challenges in managing their technical information. 

With more than 500 different options across its compressors and many brands to manage and keep consistent, they were struggling to keep up with product releases and content volumes that were increasing by more than 10% every year.


“We needed a way to manage the variations of our content across our different brands and products and deliver the right information to the correct customer… Tridion Docs provided a compelling system that met our requirements.”

Louis De Jaegher, After-Market Process Development Manager, Atlas Copco


  • Managing 500+ options and many different brands 
  • Difficult to share and repurpose content 
  • High desktop publishing and translation costs 
  • Content not easily and readily updated



  • 100% reduction in desktop publishing costs 
  • 20% reduction in translation costs 
  • 50% increase in efficiency 
  • Reduction in incorrect spare parts orders 
  • Increased customer satisfaction