Content variation aka conditional content

Content variation refers to the capability of adapting a piece of content based on a recipient’s location, language, device or other parameters. Content variations are important for creating personalized content. When working with a Component Content Management System (CCMS), content variations can be implemented with the help of condition variables.

With structured content and condition variables, content variations can be as granular as the publication owner needs them to be. A series of publication variants can contain alternate versions of certain chapters, sections, paragraphs, sentences or words. With a CCMS publication owners can create multiple final output deliveries, by reusing content and defining conditions that indicate which piece of content is included in which final document version.

Example use cases

  • User manuals for different car configurations of the same model
  • Financial reporting for several market and regions
  • Region-specific technical documentation for medical devices
  • Self-service customer portals

Key benefits

  • Offer up-to-date content for all products or services in your portfolio
  • Deliver personalized experiences for your employees and customers
  • Create regionally relevant content for higher conversion rate
  • Deliver real-time information to any output