Protecting your Ideas

Connect 2021 Recording

This session from Connect 2021 talks about one of the most valuable assets that a company owns – Intellectual Property (IP). 

The founding platform of many of the world’s greatest ideas stem from the work of the R&D department, and R&D carries a significant cost. It is an investment that needs to be realised. The ideas flowing from R&D need to be captured, nurtured and protected. To do this efficiently and cost effectively requires a streamlined and well-managed innovation process, with a partner that can support you at every step. 

Since 1958, RWS has been setting industry standards with market leading IP support services, delivered by expert teams, through innovative technology solutions. 

We have helped more than 10,000 clients protect their IP rights around the world and firmly established ourselves as a trusted, global brand with a reputation for technical expertise, quality and reliability. 

RWS IP Services offers the highest-quality patent translations, a seamless global patent filing experience, and a wide range of cutting-edge IP research services to support product development. Clients include the world’s top patent filing companies, organizations, attorney firms, licensing and technology transfer offices.

The session also touches briefly on the monetization of patent portfolios which can transform the R&D cost centre into a flourishing profit centre. 

Watch now to learn more about how we can support you in protecting your ideas.