Verbatim content reuse

Verbatim content reuse is when a chunk of content is reused exactly as it is stored in the source, without adding any changes. The original content chunk and the verbatim reused content chunk are identical. Authors are reusing verbatim content to create new documents from content components that already exist.

Verbatim content reuse is also known as locked reuse. 

Verbatim content reuse is useful when information needs to be repeated ‘as-is’ from one part of the document to another, or to other completely different documents. 

Verbatim content reuse is common in documents that contain legal information, health and safety provision, disclaimers, chemical substance compositions, just to name a few. 

It is best practice that content chunks that are locked and are reused are as small and as specific as possible. This way the content component can be more easily integrated into various sections of the newly created document, as it is very specific.

Example use cases

Content creation in organizations that adhere to standards (e.g. ISO, NEN)

Creation and maintenance of product information for the medical devices and pharma industries

Key benefits

  • Content can be updated quickly across various documents 
  • Reused content is tracked and controlled 
  • Easy to make sure your documents adhere to agreed standards and formats 
  • Improve consistency, accuracy and uniformity of content