Hach achieves rapid ROI on its content management system

End-to-end deployment of our technologies sees Hach achieve rapid ROI and massively reduce publishing timeframes.
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Industry:: Manufacturing
Company size :: 3,000 employees
Company region: Worldwide

Hach Company manufactures and distributes analytical instruments used to test water quality and safety around the world. 

Its technical writing team produces complex and high-quality documentation for thousands of products in dozens of global markets. With the speed, number of global markets, and amount of product releases all increasing, the small team responsible for documentation and localization found itself as the bottleneck in the production process.


“We reduced translation costs by 60% and translation time by 40%. And my team’s ‘happiness index’ increased by 80%.”

Emily Mydlowski, Technical Publications Manager, Hach Company


  • Complex technical content 
  • Multiple branded variations of documents 
  • 27 languages used across global markets  
  • Increasing content volumes



  • Reduced publishing timeframes from 10 days to 15 minutes 
  • Decreased translation cycles from 3 months to under 1 month 
  • Reduced translation costs by 60% – saving $260,000 in the first year 
  • Technical writing team’s happiness index increased by 80%