RS Components grows online catalog by reducing translation times to a Day

Case Study

Working with RWS, RS Components implemented a machine translation solution to translate their new product offering into 12 languages faster and at reduced cost. 

The Challenge 

RS Components was facing a dilemma – larger and larger volumes of content and a limited budget. The company needed to ensure that their website held a full product offering in all of their 12 core languages in order to meet the needs of their customers worldwide. Since human translation at this scale was not possible with their existing budget, a fundamental change in approach was required. 

In the past, content was translated to human quality if budget allowed or not translated at all if there was insufficient budget. Over time this created inconsistent experiences on local websites. The company needed a scalable solution to translate high volumes of content, while simultaneously reducing the publishing time between English and local language websites. 

RS Components wanted to implement a machine translation solution but needed to demonstrate that this approach would work, so the company partnered with RWS on a Proof of Concept. This required the delivery of 30 million words of technical product descriptions in 12 languages, translated and published with daily updates to their website catalog in just 6 months.